There are a lot of affordable places to visit in Allentown. You don’t need to spend so much money to have a nice time in Allentown. There are amazing places you can visit that are not cost-intensive. More about Allentown, PA can be seen here.

Lehigh Valley Zoo

The Lehigh Valley Zoo is located north of Allentown and is a great destination for animal lovers in the region. This 29-acre zoo was founded in 1906. Today, the zoo is home to more than 300 animals from 125 different species. Highlights of any visit include the giraffe, crocodiles, and kangaroos. During the holiday season, the zoo is home to a lot of families. Click here to read about Places to Visit for relaxation in Allentown, PA.

If you are looking for the best and affordable places to do in Allentown, PA, you won’t want to miss this zoo.

Lehigh County Covered Bridges

Lehigh County is home to six historic covered bridges. Five of these bridges are located north of Allentown, while one is located south of the city.  Lehigh Valley does one of the best jobs protecting and beautifying their covered bridges. Four of the five covered bridges in the county are located within county parks, which makes them easy to visit and photograph.