Finding fun places in Allentown shouldn’t be much of a big deal because the city is blessed with a lot of different places to visit and have a great time. So if you are interested in knowing the fun places to visit in Allentown, stay glued.  Learn more here.

America on Wheels

Allentown is known to have a rich automotive history. This includes being home to one of the first gas-powered cars ever made on earth. America on Wheels showcases the history of wheeled transportation from the earliest days of the automobile through futuristic designs. So if you are a person who is very interested in automobiles, this place is one place that will leave you astonished and amazed. This amazing place has gone ahead to be one of the most anticipated places to visit in Allentown. A lot of visitors look forward to paying a visit to such a place that helped in preserving history. Learn more about Things to do in Allenstown, PA.

Some of the highlights of this fantastic museum include the 1889 Nadig Gas-Powered Carriage, a fantastic collection of Mack Trucks made in Allentown, and a nice selection of bicycles, motorcycles, and pedal cars. This place has been able to preséve this party of Allentown’s history.