When Allentown residents seek out a place to enjoy the outdoors and some exercise, they often head to Jordan Park. Located in the city’s center, Jordan Park is a hub of activity, providing residents with plenty of opportunities to get moving. Information can be found here.

Jordan Park, Allentown’s first city manager, opened in 1931 and is named after William T. Jordan, Allentown’s first city manager. Today, the park covers 28 acres and is a popular spot for picnics. In addition, the pavilion is a popular rental spot for birthday parties and gatherings. See here for information about The Basketball Court in Allentown, PA: make the trip today.

Jordan Park has become a hot spot for sledding and ice skating. A small hill is located near the playground, perfect for sledding. No matter what time of year, Jordan Park is a great place to get fresh air and exercise. The park is well-maintained and provides residents with a safe place to enjoy the outdoors.