Museums are a great place to spend leisure time. Visting some museums in Allentown is an amazing activity to carry out. Here are some museums you can visit when next you visit Allentown. Visit this link for more information.

Mack Trucks Historical Museum

The Mack Trucks Museum is a great thing to do near Allentown,

The Mack Trucks Historical Museum offers a great overview of this well-known company. The Mack Trucks Historical Museum is located in the company’s former testing facility. While Mack Trucks no longer has a large presence in Allentown, the museum showcases the history of the company from its earliest stages through the present day. One of the most amazing things about this museum is that visitors can take a free tour of this museum and see some of the oldest Mack Trucks in existence, modern designs, and even trucks used in movies. Read about Affordable Places to Visit in Allentown, PA here. 

Allentown Art Museum

If you love art, you won’t want to miss the Allentown Art Museum. While this museum might sound like it focuses on local art, it only purchases local pieces that meet their standards. Instead, their 13,000-item collection is filled with pieces of art from way back hundreds of years and representing styles and cultures from around the world.