Even the most well-designed asphalt pavement system can’t escape the effects of Mother Nature. Facility owners and managers are often challenged with making financial decisions on how to implement a program that’s best suited for their needs. One such need is to lessen the impact of the environmental forces that degrade pavement.  Local pavement maintenance contractors can provide guidance on the selection of preventive maintenance menu items, but how do you know what the right option is, and if it’s the right time to perform this work? Preventive maintenance strategies that may be appropriate for one situation may not be appropriate for another. Allentown, PA information can be seen at this link.

Pavement that is appropriate for preventive maintenance applications includes relatively new systems when preservation of the pavement system remains cost-effective. Protecting asphalt pavement systems from environmental factors, such as water penetration into the base through cracks and fissures, along with oxidation of the pavement’s upper surface, can add years to the life of the pavement system. Preventive maintenance isn’t effective for pavement that exhibits structural deficiencies or failures. Discover facts about The Best Pavement Maintenance Plan.

As a facility owner or manager, the objective of protecting your pavement investment should start with planning a pavement-management program. The approach for parking-lot-asphalt pavement-management programs should always include cracksealing as a preventive maintenance measure. Crackfilling is one alternative to consider, and it has a distinctly different meaning.