Allentown Paving Pros has for years been providing the residents of Allentown and the surrounding locale with top-notch quality paving services. From parking lots to driveways, anything you want to be paved, we’ve got you covered. Other than that, we offer a wide range of services as discussed below. More can be found here.

Driveway & Parking Lot Resurfacing

After some time, your asphalt driveway or parking lot is going to start forming some cracks and potholes. While in some cases, an easy repair job would do the trick and restore your driveway back to its best, other times the damage can be too much to b repaired, so the best option is a resurfacing job. We have a team of professionals who can do that for you at relatively affordable prices. Learn more about Reasons to Pave Your Driveway Using Asphalt.

Driveway & Parking Lot Repairs

Damage from harsh weather conditions or being subjected to heavy loads could cause your parking lot to be bumpy and not all that pleasing to look at. An easy repair job should be enough to fix those minor problems and get the parking lot looking as good as ever.

Driveway & Parking Lot Sealcoating

Sealcoating provides a really good way to protect your driveway from damage. It acts as an extra layer of protection, and it’s advisable that you get one to help prolong the life of your asphalt driveway. We can do that for you.

For any of these services, feel free to give us a call at 484-657-0884.