Looking for things to do while in Allentown, here are some fun and interesting places you visit while in Allentown. Click here for facts about Allentown, PA.

Visit an Amusement Parks

Boasting two amusement parks in one, you can take your pick of thrills at Dorney Park, from the most daring roller coaster drops to the tamest kiddie rides, or go for a splash in the pools and super slides of Wildwater Kingdom. Click here to read about Factories in Allentown, PA.

Visit the Farmers Market

At the Allentown Farmers Market, located within the historic Allentown Fairgrounds, feast your eyes (and belly!) on all manner of foodie delights: freshly baked loaves of bread, aged cheeses, hand-stuffed olives, infused olive oils, and international specialties from Eastern European pierogies to Korean bibimbap.

Visit the Museums 

Get a glimpse into the lives of America’s first inhabitants at the Museum of Indian Culture, filled with prehistoric tools, pottery, jewelry, and artifacts recovered from archeological sites. This is one of the best ways to have a nice time in Allentown.

Visit the Lehigh Valley Grand Prix

Buckle up and get ready for a high-speed chase at the Lehigh Valley Grand Prix, an indoor go-karting track with a 0.25-mile racetrack where you can race against your friends and family at speeds of nearly 45 miles per hour.