A new asphalt driveway means that your home has a new and attractive look. Any homeowner would be pleased by this and wouldn’t want that to be the case for the near future. Sadly, that’s not how it usually is, and your asphalt driveway is most vulnerable when it’s freshly paved, so you need to ensure you take good care of it. Here are some tips that should help. Click here for facts about Allentown, PA.

Regularly Change Your Parking Spot

Avoid parking your car on the same spot every time. This is because, over time, the weight of the car will cause the driveway to develop depressions gradually, and eventually, you will have an uneven driveway. Click here to read about Why Allentown Paving Pros Is the Go-To Paving Company. 

Give It Time to Harden

Before you can start parking your car on your newly paved driveway, give it some time to settle and harden. Driving over the new asphalt early could cause the asphalt to weaken before it is hard, and when it finally becomes hard, it will be uneven.

Keep the Sprinklers Pointed Away

While it is inevitable that your driveway will get wet, avoid subjecting it to unnecessary moisture as too much of it can cause it to weaken.

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