Paving machines are machines that are used for paving. This machine enables the process of pacing the road to be easier. Hence, they are used to make the paving of roadways, walkways, or parking areas easier, faster, and more efficient. This product area includes all types of construction equipment for preparing, refurbishing, or laying asphalt. Learn information about Allentown, PA here.

There are three major types of paving equipment that is used for carrying out paving activities on the roads or park. Here are the three major types of paving equipment:

  • track  pavers
  •  wheel pavers 
  • screeds pavers

Track pavers are types of equipment used for paving. Track pavers have steel tracks and offer superior traction. They carry out specifications such as flywheel power, operating weight, and paving width. Wheel pavers which are called tired pavers have wheeled undercarriages for superior mobility. Product specifications include gross power, engine model, and paving width. Discover facts about Equipment used for Paving.

Screeds are paving machines that use electrically-heated screed plates and variable-width adjustments to minimize handwork. Maximum paving width, minimum paving width, and standard paving width are parameters to consider when specifying these paving machines.

These machines help to make paving faster and easier for the contractors.